This page contains links to sites that I have found useful in my photography, inspiring photographers and suppliers I use. Please note that these links are provided for information only and no liability is accepted for any issues arising from your use of these sites or the services they provide.

Film Blogs

  • Cool Girls Shoot Film
  • I Still Shoot Film
    Another film site
  • Inspirations

  • Dan Donovan Photography
    Musician, Graphic Designer and Photographer/Film-maker. I have known Dan since following his band around many years ago, and love his work.
  • Ed Burtinsky
  • Other Collectors

  • Christian Zhan's Optiksammlung
    Christian Zhan’s Optic Collection. This site is in German, but machine translations seem to cope and the bulk of the camera information covers spec-tables which are very useful.
    This is the definitive resource on former-Soviet and Russian Cameras, giving very detailed information on sub-types within lines and models.
  • Suppliers

  • Fomafoto
    Fomafoto provides direct shipping of Foma films and products from Europe, at pretty good prices. I have not used them yet, but they come with good reviews.
  • Premier Ink and Photographic
    My one stop shop for inks, papers, filters and many other general bits and bobs…
  • RK Photographic
    I use this (via Amazon) for many of my film needs.
  • My Other Projects and sites:

    A Visual Ethnography of Hyde Park
    Another of my sites, this one a project to show, visually and with contomporary sociological discussion, all about life in LS6…
    Acidsaturation’s Photostream
    My Flickr Photostream, for thems wot does flickr…
    Christian Bodden at Aminus3

    Lee6s F*ckhe@d C!ty
    My ‘Blog about LS6 and beyond
    My Filmdev Recipes
    FilmDev allows users to post their developing recipies linked to examples from their Flickr streams
    My Lomography Home

    Suburban Acid Saturation – Pure Fuckin’ Noize Terror
    My Music