Hydrangea - Konica Pop and Lomography CN 100
Hydrangea - Konica Pop and Lomography CN 100

This is Lomography’s ISO 100 offering. They say:

Packaged in a glossy and charming box, each roll of 35mm color negative Lomo film is set for vibrant colors and great contrast. Tuned at 100 ISO it delivers small grain, fine resolution, and awesome results. Great in the LC-A+ and Colorsplash, and good for our multi-lens cameras (Supersampler, Actionsampler, Oktomat, Pop 9, etc.) when used in bright sunlight or with a flash.

As with all the Lomography films it is a rebrand, discussion is out about what it is (though of course this might vary). It has been suggested that is it Lucky 100, certainly the grain structure and particularly the way that the scans look when over-exposed slightly is very reminiscent of Lucky 200 as I have used it. The edge numbering is in a futuristic

It has a relatively fine grain, though rough compared to other ISO 100 films. It scans with a slightly warm cast on my Epson 500, and is overall quite muted in comparison to the brash Japanese emulsions, having more akin to Kodak, who did provide a technical assistance deal to China Lucky Corp, though they later pulled out from this.

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