St Aidan's Colliery, Swillington - Praktica TL-5B with Vivitar 28mm f/2.5 (red filter) and Konica IR 750; 1/30s, f/8.
St Aidan's Colliery, Swillington - Praktica TL-5B with Vivitar 28mm f/2.5 (red filter) and Konica IR 750; 1/30s, f/8.

This is a sadly out of production IR Film, with an extended sensitivity from 640-820nm, peaking at 750nm, dipping in the green and yellow range.It has a finer grain than most IR films and produces good tonality. With a red filter the results are quite natural whilst still keeping the classic infra-red feel with a fairly pronounced woods effect.

The nominal sensitivity of the film is ISO 32. The datasheet advises a standard exposure of 1/60s at f/5.6 in sunny conditions with a red filter, this being equivalent to EI 6 (this allows 2 1/2 stops for the filter). I have based exposures on this with success in my Praktica TL-5B which I know meters successfully through a red filter, though I used 1/30 and f/8 as my base. I have not tried with a true infra red filter, but this would indicate a starting EI of 3 – however the lower sensitivity may need considerably more with an IR720 – I have seen EI 5 suggested with a Wratten 87, but this seems high to me, 2 seems a better bet, or the suggested 1/4s at f/11, which is EI 1.5. I have not needed to adjust focus at f/8 as the film relies slightly less on the IR wavelengths than some others.

The film is suggested not to lose reciprocity until speeds below 10 seconds. It can be loaded in subdued light thanks to the anti-halation layer.

The film also produces some good effects through a yellow filter similar to a standard panchromatic film, though I would suggest an exposure compensation of +1 stop to take into account the dip in sensitivity here – effectively the effect is closer to that of the darker red or orange filters than one would normally achieve.

See all my sets on Flickr shot to IR 750.

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