In the good old days, before Kodak began to go down the pan, the Portra Range consisted of five different emulsions, each of the ISO 160 and ISO 400 speeds had two variants: a neutral color and a Vivid Color version.

The Portra 160VC is for ‘more vivid color and slightly higher contrast in controlled lighting situations’ – it is a lovely film, with a fine grain, good contrast and colours to die for.

Chapel Allerton Carnival Banner
Chapel Allerton Carnival Banner. Chinon Genesis III and Kodak Portra 160VC (at EI100), September 2012

It is a wide lattitude (-2/+3) T-grain emulsion colour negative film with human-eye spectral sensitivity, giving natural, but bright colours.  Sadly it has now been merged into one Portra range, supposedly because the additional saturation and contrast is not needed in digital printing. I think this is a shame.

A lot of people, myself included suggest slightly over exposing this film – I shoot it at EI100 with nice results.

Vital Statistics:

Speed: ISO 160/23°
Print Grain Index: 34 at 4.4x (representative of a 6×4 print; 25 is the threshold for visible grain)
Base: 0.13mm (35mm), 0.10mm (120) acetate
Reciprocity: 1/10,000s – 1s



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