Container - Vivitar 300z and Agfaphoto Vista Plus 100

This is the ISO100 version of the ‘new’ Agfa Photo Colour Negative Films. The canister says ‘made in Japan’ which means that this is re-branded Fuji. The Lupus Imaging website (Agfaphoto’s parent company) has this description:

AgfaPhoto Vista 100 – the sunstar
Beautiful, radiant pictures

For a holiday in the sunny south, a party in your own garden or a long weekend trip to a city – AgfaPhoto Vista 100 is the ideal film for the sunny side of your life. Ideal in sunshine and under a cloudless sky; glowing, pure, intense colours; extremely fine grain and incredible sharpness.

Some vital statistics from the datasheet:

The film is ISO 100, or ISO 25 (effective) under 3200K Tungsten, with the requisite 80A balancing filter. It is coated on to 122μm Cellulose Triacetate. It requires reciprocity correction of +1/3 stop at 4 seconds and a further +1/3 at 16s and at 64s. The red sensitivity drops a fair way shy of 700nm. 

I have certainly found this to be pretty fine grained, though in the cold northern England sun I haven’t yet experienced intense colours from this film, though they are pleasant enough. Nonetheless it is a reasonable ISO 100 got to film, and tends to be sold cheaper than the branded Fuji version.


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