This film claims Agfa’s Eye-vision technology. This claims to reproduce the full range of colour perception of the human eye eliminating issues such as green cast with fluorescent lighting, a shift towards red in certain blue-coloured flowers, the brown rendition of particular green fabric colours and the absence of texture in certain red colours (e.g. roses).

Meanwood Park Fun Day: Kodak Brownie Cresta and Agfa Optima 100
Meanwood Park Fun Day: Kodak Brownie Cresta and Agfa Optima 100

This film is described as having:

– high but natural color saturation
– excellent focus
– superb fineness of grain
– Suitable for landscape photography, architecture, and big enlargements

Similarly to the eye, the sensitivity of the three colour receiving layers cross more than some films, allowing more natural rendition of colours.

It requires no reciprocity failure compensation under 10 seconds, +1/2 stop at 10 seconds and +1 1/2 stops at 100 Seconds.

My samples are obviously expired, an so I have found the colours to be a little muted, and the grain noticeable. The colours have a distinctive quality to then – blues becoming slightly electric in feel and reds and yellows saturated.

Vital Statistics:

Speed: ISO 100/21°
Granularity (x 1000): RMS 4.0
Resolving power: Contrast 1000 : 1 -140 lines/mm, Contrast 1.6 : 1 – 50 lines/mm
Layer thickness: 16 μm
Film base: 135 = 120 μm, 120 = 95 μm

View the Agfa Professional Datasheet here.

View sets on Flickr using Agfa Optima 100.

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