I have searched 20 deep into google, and have not found any official details or data about this film – there are a few examples of images, but that is all.

All the info I have found relates to Agfa HDC+ 100 which I am guessing is a later version.


Highbury Street Fisheye – Lomography Fisheye 2 and Agfa HDC 100, f/8 1/125s.

My first impressions are mixed – it maintains quite a good shadow detail, but the roll I have shot so far was massively underexposed.  I think the Lomography Fisheye 2 under-exposes, but also maybe the film has lost sensitivity. That said, when I boosted the colours a little in post pro – using curves, not saturation – they have come out quite exciting.

I will look to source some more of this and have another test.


View my sets taken with Agfa HDC 100 on Flickr

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