I have managed to find out very little about this film, though slightly more than its predecessor, the HDC 100.


Blue Skies on a Sunny Day – Franka AF-300 and Agfa HDC+ 100.

It is a consumer grade film, which received mixed responses in reviews. I have found it to have high colour saturation – vivid and strong colours, a reasonably fine grain and good sharpenss. Obviously my samples have been out of date, they have worked well when over exposed slightly where the lovely bright blues and reds for which Agfa is renowned come out.

Vital Statistics:

ISO: 100/21°
Grain: RMS 4
Resolving Power: 130/50 lpmm
Exposure Lattitude: 2/+3
Sharpness: 100%: 15
Curve Max Density: (B, G, R): 3.1, 2.5, 2.2

Some advertising blurb:
Agfa’s HDC (High Definition Color) print films are ideal for amateur use, with good storage properties and processing latitude, as well as good exposure latitude, fine grain and great sharpness. Agfacolor HDC plus 100 is the sharpest and finest-grained member of the HDC film family. The HDC films have been improved to HDC plus versions, with even better colors (especially in shadows) and finer grain.


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