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How to fuel your GAS – A buying guide for second hand cameras

I have come to accept that I have GAS and I cannot control it. GAS? Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I had to put this in because it is the oldest puerile joke among photographers, but now it is out of the … Continue reading

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When Time Becomes an Issue

Some of you might know, that my first son was born on 10th December last year. This has been lovely, but has not left me with a huge amount of time to fit photography, music, finishing my MA around a … Continue reading

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Rumours of Kodak’s Demise have been Greatly Exaggerated… …?

No-one interested in film photography cannot have avoided reading about the current situation with Eastman Kodak, who have filed for Section 11 Bankruptcy Protection. The reactions to this have been quite extreme at times, people starting threads on Flickr about … Continue reading

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