Another 75p Charity Shop find. One of Vivitar’s many cheap point and shoots. This has a small, but active cult following on flickr, but a search of ebay indicates they don’t seem to be selling at the moment.


Vivitar T201
Vivitar T201

This is a slim, silver point and shoot camera. It is all manual, with a sliding lens cover which also acts to activate the flash when pushed to its furthest extent.

It has a simple 28mm lens with an aperture of f/9, which produces some vignetting. This gives a field of view of 66° x 46°, and you would need to be 9 ft distant for a standard street portrait. Assuming this lens is focussed at the hyperfocal distance this gives a near limit for focus of 4.8ft.

I assume the shutter speed is 1/125s. I will test this and provide some exposure details

Vital Statistics

Type: 35mm viewfinder camera
Lens: Single Element (?) f/9
Shutter: Fixed speed, 1/125s behind lens
Flash: Built in, selectable
Power: 1 x AA battery


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