I found this for 75p in a charity shop, like many of my point and shoots. Recent sales on Ebay have been for about £5. Mine came with a leaflet suggesting it was given away free with Readers Digest.


Vivitar PN2011
Vivitar PN2011

This is a little toy camera, from the ‘panoramic’ craze days of the 90s. It is a fairly basic standard toy camera set-up, i.e. there is nothing to change on it. Except for one thing: You can flip in a ‘panorama’ mask which crops the top and bottom of your frame leaving an image area of 13 x 36 mm.

The lens gives nice bright colours in the right light, with the classic distortion of a simple plastic meniscus lens.

The 1/125s at f/8 is two stops below sunny 16 with ISO 100 film – about right for our dim Northern weather. Putting in ISO 200 film should then cope with most things.

Vital Statistics:

Shutter: 1/125s
Fixed focus Plastic 28mm meniscus
Aperture: Fixed f/8
Viewfinder: reverse galilean type
Dimensions: 39 x 68.5 x 106 mm

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