I got this from the local charity shop for 75p.


Tower Block - Vivitar EZ Motor Big View and Kodak Ultra 400
Tower Block - Vivitar EZ Motor Big View and Kodak Ultra 400

This is another of Vivitar’s random Point and Shoot cameras. It’s main feature is a large (200% bigger according to the blurb) viewfinder positioned very centrally on the body.

It has a fully automatic flash (i.e. you cannot turn it off) with a very bright anti-red-eye LED on the front. I have seen it posted that the shutter speed is a standard 1/125s and the  focal length is 35mm, and the lens is focused from 1.2m to infinity.

The details printed on the body say ‘auto DX sensing’ – I am assuming that this controls power to the flash rather than any changes in exposure. The aperture looks about 5mm in diameter, but this would give an aperture of f/7 which seems very wide.  It is fully automatic motor wind. It has a sliding lens cover which locks the shutter.

It suggests (on the camera itself) using ISO400 film, but my experiments so far with this have over exposed. The lack of corner sharpness on images suggests the lens is very simple.


Some very limited information via a Flickr collection

All my images on Flickr taken with the EZ Motor Big View

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