This is another oddball toy camera, made in china, perhaps about 2004, characterised by the fact it has a zoom lens. This has a focal length from 30-55mm operated by twisting the barrel. The actual opening of the aperture appears to get larger when you zoom, so I am assuming that this then allows a constant aperture, I don’t know what this is, but it looks to change from approximately 3mm-5mm giving a value of f/10 – maybe f/11 if we assume it would be a standard stop. Assuming a fairly standard 1/125s shutter speed this would make it a sunny day camera, ISO 200 film should be about right for northern locations.

Other than that it seems a pretty standard 35mm toy camera. It has a built in flash with a ready indicator LED and an anti-red-eye LED on the front, and manual advance/rewind. There is a clip to lock the shutter, though this is of limited use, as it is hard to use without tripping the shutter.

Vital Statistics:

Lens: Aspherical Zoom, 30-55mm, fixed focus 1.2m to infinity.
Flash: Built in, LED for red eye reduction activated on half shutter press.
Power: 2x AA 1.5v Batteries.

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