This was another 75p charity shop find. Various similar models are currently available, ranging from a few pounds to about £30 for a full price Lomography Action Sampler. Mine is in good condition, though one of the frames lags and exposes about half a stop more than the others.


Sirius Action Tracker
Sirius Action Tracker

This is a 4 lens ‘action camera’ made in China around 1990, thus predating the Lomography Action Sampler.

It is a surprisingly heavy red  plasic camera with a flip up viewfinder (which leads to a certain amount of parallax error) and is fully manual.

The shutter activates a spinning disc inside the body, with one opening which successively passes the four lenses at an interval of (apparently) 0.22 seconds according to Camera Wiki.


A figure of 1/100s is quoted for the exposure. This means that you are operating one stop below sunny 16 – so on a normal sunny day in England ISO 100 film should be sufficient.

Show Exposure Table

Film EV Conditions
50 15 Bright Sun  (Sunny 16)
100 14 Weak Hazy Sun
200 13 Cloudy Bright (No Shadows)
400 12 Open Shade; Heavy Overcast
800 11 Deep Shade; Sunset
1600 10 Immediately after Sunset
3200 9 10 Minutes After Sunset; Spotlit Subjects

Focal Length

The page at Camera Wiki states that the focal length is 26mm – I have not seen the documentation to confirm this, but it seems reasonable. Assuming a frame size of 12x18mm this gives a field of view of approximately 14° vertical and 20° horizontal. To fit an average sized person standing in a landscape oriented frame you would need to be about 8 metres distant.

The documentation also states a focal range of 1.2m to infinity – this seems a standard claim for a lens of this type, though to reach infinity based on this frame size it would need a to be focussed at 3.8m which leaves the acceptable sharpness a bit closer to 1.8m close focus by my calculations. But with a simple plastic lens like this it is not going to be too sharpo anyway. I suspect the calculations in the documentation may not take account of the crop factor here.


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