I bought this Toy Camera from a junk stall in Bradford Market for a couple of quid. Sadly it wasn’t in as good condition as I had hoped and rapidly started falling apart. I tried one roll of film, which snarled in the camera, I will develop this and see if I managed to get any frames. Then the door fell off.

Revue was a brand used by Foto-Quelle from Nuremburg to rebrand various cameras, but I think this toy is a rebrand of that rebrand from the cheap Chinese market.


Revue RX-3
Revue RX-3

Styled on a small SLR, but fully plastic, this camera is certainly a toy. Other than the manual aperture selector it has no controls other than the shutter release and transport winder which is a standard thumb turn wheel, and rewind knob which is is engaged by a small red switch on the rear panel.

The aperture is selected by turning the lens barrel, offering (supposedly) f/6, f/8, f/11 and f/16, alternatively marked with symbols depicting rain, cloud, partial cloud and sun. The stop is an elongated tear shaped slit, so these would be continuously variable – though mine doesn’t work! The lens is marked as ’45mm 1:6 New Color Lens’.


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