I am guessing this was another cheap charity shop find, though I am not fully sure. It has a broken battery door, so it is possible that my partner bought it for me. My copy seems to focus poorly.


This is a relatively advanced film Compact from (I would guess) around the mid 1990s.

Praktica Z-60 compact camera on a white background
Praktica Z-60

It has a 33-60mm zoom lens, with autofocus and auto exposure. I cannot find any details about the aperture and shutter speeds. On the top plate there is a power on button, a flash selector button, a rewind button, ‘mode’ button, the shutter release and zoom controls. There is also a small LCD. The base plate carries a tripod bush.

4 Modes can be selected for flash: Auto, Auto with red eye reduction, forced and off. The mode button switches between timer mode (approx 6s) and what looks like a ‘night mode’ – This seems to allow a slow shutter speed and the flash, but it works in all flash modes.

It takes 2 AA batteries.


Vital Statistics

Type: Film Compact.
Ezposure: Automatic.
Focus: Automatic.
Focal Length: 33-60mm, powered zoom.
Flash: Auto, Auto with red eye reduction, forced and off.
Batteries: 2 x AA