This is another plastic toy camera. I have no idea if it is actually made by Pentacon or, similar to the Canomatic toy cameras it is a Chinese product which  has just taken the name. Collection de appareils suggests this is the case, noting Pentacon was in bankruptcy at this time.

Praktica Sport QT=One
Praktica Sport QT=One

I can find virtually nothing about it on the internet.  I have found one other blog from someone who seems to have one. Most of the rest is me.

It has a built in flash. It also has an ISO switch to select for ISO 100/200 or 400, operating a very basic Waterhouse-stop type aperture.

Visually I estimate the focal length at about 30mm (measuring from the rear of the lens to the film plane) and the aperture image to be about 6mm for the ISO 100/200 setting and 4mm for the ISO 400 setting, giving an approximate aperture of f/5 for the ISO 100 setting and f/7.5 at ISO 400 setting.

Yellow Blossom - Pratktica Sport QT=One and Kodak Colorplus 200
Yellow Blossom – Pratktica Sport QT=One and Kodak Colorplus 200

I would guess that these are in fact f/5.6 and f/8. I will try and estimate the focal length better from the field of view sometime with a triangulated shot next time I use it – I suspect it is actually 35mm.

This would need a shutter speed, however of 1/2000 to expose correctly at sunny 16, which is fast. I think I need to seek some more info here!

It takes nice images that are relatively sharp for a toy camera, with a little distortion and vignette at the edges. The plastic lens seems to create reasonably saturated images too.


Infomation on Collection de appareils.

All my sets taken with the Sport QT=One

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