I got this in a box of old processing equipment I bought from a junk shop, it had been sat in a basement for some time, but still works great. I have not found any indication of its current value on Ebay.


Polaroid 900Z
Polaroid 900Z

This chunky black and gold camera was released in 1999 and is a pretty advanced compact. It is fully automatic, powered by one CR2 lithium battery.

It has a 35-70mm zoom lens, with an aperture range of f/5.3-f/10, controlled by 2 large rubberized buttons on the top plate. This has a close focus of 70cm at the wide end and 80mm at the tele end.  Its standout feature is the macro mode, which allows close focusing from 30cm to 70cm, engaged by a light up button on the top. The viewfinder shows parallax correction marks for using this mode.

It also features 6 flash modes: Auto, Auto with red eye reduction, Flash off focus to infinity, Flash off, Fill flash, and Slow Synchronized, as listed in the release notes which are all I can find on the internet. I would guess that ‘focus to infinity’ actually means it focuses hyperfocally, or that it ignores nearfield for shooting through glass. I am also not sure if ‘fill’ does act like a fill flash and meters to fire at a lower power than it otherwise would with a ‘forced flash’.

The final control is a timer with a 10s delay. It has a mid roll rewind button recessed on the top plate also.

It also has pretty sophisticated focusing  with a 30 zone active infra-red system, though I cannot see any viewfinder information for confirmation.

Vital Statistics

Type: 35mm Viewfinder Camera
Lens: 35-70mm f/5.3-10 hybrid lens (glass coated plastic/plastic) with power zoom.
Shutter: Electronically programmed automatic shutter.
Focusing: 30 zone active infrared
Flash: Built in multi-mode
Readout: LCD panel, frame counter, mode and timer
Viewfinder: Real Image Zoom Finder
Exposure: DX Film Sensing ISO 100/200/400/800
Power:  1 x 3V CR2 Lithium Battery
Dimensions: 117 x 64 x 42mm, weight: ~205 gm w/o batteries.


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