This is a ‘Diana DeLuxe’ clone, which I got for £1.04 on ebay, made of grey plastic.

Photon 120 Camera
Photon 120

It has three aperture settings which appear to be around f8, f11, and f16. The shutter speed is stated on the lens to be 1/50 of a second. The lens also has a zone focus system with settings for 6m to infinity, 4-6m, 2-4m, and 1.2-2m. Other than that there is little information on this camera on the internet. Not that there is much more to say, really.

The Diana DeLuxe versions shoot 12 frames to a roll, and have a distinctive curved film plane which minimises aberration from the simple meniscus lens.

You can see all my images shot with the Photon 120 here

There is a (little bit) more about Diana Deluxe models on Camerapedia