This came from a car-boot sale in Pannal. It is one of the basic models bearing the Trip name.


This camera is very basic with no controls, released in 2000. It has flash, a large bright viewfinder, a sliding lens cover and power winding with a rewind button. It is autofocus with one frame in the centre of the viewfinder. Its one stand out feature is the 27mm lens which is nice and wide for a compact, giving a field of view of 67° x 47°.  At a distance of 10ft this would allow a vertical hight of about 9ft in the frame, so this camera is clearly more useful for groups and landscapes than portraits.


The lens is apparently f/6.3 with a shutter speed of 1/100s, which would allow for correct exposure at EV12 – Open shade of heavy overcast, or as is more often the case an average day in the North of England. It has DX sensing (I would guess this covers 100, 200, and 400) but I will check when I next open it. This may allow for aperture selection, most likely through a combined aperture/shutter, or may just alter the flash power.

Vital Statistics


Type: Automatic 35mm viewfinder
Lens: 27mm, f/6.3
Exposure: Single shutter speed, 1/100s, DX decoding
Transport: Autowind and power rewind.
Flash: Built in automatic
Accessories: Tripod bush; sliding lens cover
Power: 2 x AA batteries.


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