This was another charity shop bargain for 75p. I have not seen any info on ebay for this model, similar models appear not to sell. It is a twin lens camera in the vein of the Vivitar TW35.


Miranda was originally a Japanese company who took on the name from 1957 until 1976. In 1981 it was brought by Dixons, the UK electronics retailer and I am assuming this camera (from 1991) is a part of that line.

Miranda Solo Twin MD
Miranda Solo Twin MD

This chunky silver camera is a slightly quirky point and shoot with two lenses on a rotating plate in the body, labelled ‘normal’ and ‘wide’. Engaging the ‘normal’ lens brings a mask into the viewfinder to reflect the narrower field of view.  The camera is fully automatic transport, has DX sensing (possibly only 100, 200, and 400 – I will check when the test film is out) and a light meter next to the viewfinder. It also has a fully automatic flash, with a button for fill flash on the bottom corner. It has a sliding lens cover.

The ‘normal’ lens aperture is about 6mm in diameter and the ‘wide’ is about 4mm, I will do some test shots and attempt to estimate the focal lengths from the field of view and try and  work out some exposure and focus values.

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