My partner picked this up for me as a bit of a freebie when she found my Fujica AX-1, as she is an insatiable haggler at the Car Boot sale she works at!


This is a fairly basic model from Kodak’s hugely successful line of ‘Instamatic’ brand cameras produced between 1968 – 1973. It has the classic design of a cartridge film camera, box like with a short protruding lens barrel.

Lens and Focus

The reported close-focus of the lens is 4ft (1.4m). This doesn’t match with the hyperfocal distance using a standard CoC of 0.03mm (the far focus would only be about 6ft) so I would guess that this relies on a less strict definition of what constitutes sharp!

The 43mm lens provides a 36° angle of view; you would need to stand 10ft distance to fit a full length portrait in the frame.


The figure of 1/80s at f/11 seems to calibrate this camera for ISO 32, which seems a very slow speed of film, and I wonder if this is altered to take account of the lower light in northern climes.  Show Exposure Table

Film Speed Setting  Ev Conditions
32 Bright Sunny 15 Sunny 16 – Bright/hazy sun with distinct shadows
Hazy Sun 14 Weak hazy sun (2)
64 Bright Sunny 16 Bright sun over sand/snow
Hazy Sun 15 Sunny 16 – Bright/hazy sun with distinct shadows
125 Bright Sunny (1) 17 Rarely encountered in nature
Hazy Sun 16 Bright sun over sand/snow
250 Bright Sunny 18 Rarely encountered in nature
Hazy Sun 17 Rarely encountered in nature
1) I have used ISO 200 film, albeit old, which definitely over exposed on sunny days.
2) I will often allow EV14 (Sunny 11) or even EV13 as a guide in summer in the North of the UK.



Vital Statistics

Type: 126 Viewfinder (Instamatic).
Lens: f/11, 43mm.
Shutter: 1/40, 1/80 (Hazy Sun/Flash, Bright Sun).
Film type: 126 cartridge.
Frame size: 28 x 28 mm.


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