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Fishing Lake in Meanwood - Kodak Brownie 127 Third Model and Kodak Verichrome Pan
Fishing Lake in Meanwood - Kodak Brownie 127 Third Model and Kodak Verichrome Pan

This angular viewfinder Brownie was third in a series of 127 format Brownie cameras, though it in fact bears no resemblance to the first two – it is a totally new design that just kept the name for marketing reasons. It was produced from November 1965 to November 1967, costing $4.75 in the US or £1 10s 5d in the UK, this being quite cheap (the uk figure equates to about £43 based on a value related to average earnings). Over 1 Million copies were made in total.

It has a very robust feel to it, with a satisfying click when you trip the shutter. Unlike most roll-film cameras it has double exposure protection, with a little stick that pops up the in indicator to remind you of the this. It takes 12 square shots on a 127 roll, a different format from its predecessors.

I would estimate the close focus to be about 6ft, based on a very rough hyperfocal distance calculation.


The shutter and Aperture settings of 1/40 and f/14 give us an exposure table of:

ISO EV Conditions
25 15 Bright Sun
50 14 Weak Hazy Sun
100 13 Cloudy Bright (No Shadows)
200 12 Open Shade, heavy Overcast
400 11 Deep Shade

 Vital Statistics

Type: Solid body eye-level viewfinder  camera
Film size: 127; 1 5/8 X 1 5/8″ (4 cm X 4 cm)
Lens: Plastic f/14 50.6mm
Shutter: Single speed 1/40 sec rotary shutter
Flash: External, shoe for flash bulb


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