I had one of these cheap digital cameras around 2000-2001. It was truly awful, but I captured a lot of memories on it. I don’t know where it ended up. All I know is the Memory Card became corrupted and refused to delete a picture of me picking my nose when I was hammered…


This is a chunky rubberised viewfinder camera, aimed clearly at the teen market. It has a built in flash. I cannot find any more information about it.

It had really glitchy software which often managed to delete images as you were downloading them.

It gave moderate images in decent light, in low light even with the flash they looked really blocky and full of noise.

Vital Statistics

Resolution: ~0.3MP (640×480, 320×200)
Memory: 2MB (8 Imges)
Storage: MMC slot
Flash: Inbuilt
Interface: Serial/USB


The JamCam

JamCam on Wikipedia

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