This came from a charity shop in Bradford, for £1. I also seem to have the matching flash, though I am not as sure where that came from. I’ve not used this yet.


This small plastic Camera was made in Macau, presumably for Haking around 1986.

It is fully manual, with three selectable aperture settings – Sunny, Partial Cloud and Cloudy/Flash. The manual states the Flash setting to be f/5.6, so I would hazard a guess that the others are f/8 and f/11. The manual also states the camera is designed to give good images with ISO 100, 200 and 400 film, but there is no way of adjusting the exposure other than the weather settings.

It has a hotshoe, and apparently came with a matching flash unit. I have one of these, but I found this separate to the camera. The only other control is the sliding lens cover/shutter lock.

I cannot find information about the shutter speed – I would suspect it to be the standard ~1/100s

Vital Statisics

Lens: Fixed-focus 33mm
Aperture: Sunny, Partial cloud, Cloudy/Flash (Possibly f/5.6, f/8, f/11?)
External supplied with camera, Hotshoe mount
Transport: Manual Wind


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