This striking blue point and shoot was another 75p find. As often, I can find little information about it on the internet.


Flag - Halina Vision 20/20 and Rollei Crossbird
Flag – Halina Vision 20/20 and Rollei Crossbird

This is a typically simple, low cost point and shoot camera. Made by Haking, apparently in Thailand in about 2000 it has a large bright viewfinder, simple plastic meniscus lens with a focal length of 35mm. It has one shutter speed, most likely 1/125s and aperture of f/9.5.  It has a built in flash with with a guide number of 8.5m which is switchable on and off, and the advance is fully manual.

I have only used this once so far. The limited comments I have found about this camera suggest using ISO 400 film – My experience was that it slightly over exposed ISO 200, and this was in less than ‘sunny 16’ conditions.

I am assuming the lens is plastic and very simple – the images are not very sharp, especially in the corners.

Vital Statistics

Type: 35mm Viewfinder Camera
Lens: fixed focus meniscus lens
Flash: Built in with on/off switch and ready light
Shutter: Single Speed 1/125s(?)


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