This is another camera I can find very little about. It seems similar to the Halina AF Sensor, and is suggested to also be the same as the Haking Autoflash 35 or Topcon 135 EEthough with a slightly wider lens, or the Revue 350F.


This is a rectangular black camera, with a round lens mount on the front face. The lens is a Halinar 38mm f/2.8 with a four bladed aperture. It has four zone focus settings, for 1m, 1.5m, 3m and ∞; also marked with symbols for one person, two people, group and landscape.

The flash pops out to the side, similarly to a Konica Pop and the shutter release has a thread for a cable release.

It has a rotary ISO selector, ranging from 25-400 in 1 stop increments, which changes an aperture over a CdS cell, so affecting the meter reading.  It takes 2 AA batteries, and a button cell (I have been told an LR44 works – it seemed to work but see below) – the AAs power the flash and the low light indicator LED, and the button cell powers the light meter itself. With no cell the low light indicator comes on whenever the shutter is half pressed.


In my initial tests I have not been able see any affect on either aperture or shutter spee. When I had some ISO 400 film in with the ISO set accidentally to 200 it seemed to over-expose, though whether this is the cell working, or just that it wasn’t and ISO 400 at f/2.8 overexposed for the conditions.

The suggestion that this camera is the same as the Haking provides shutter speeds of 1/30s to 1/250s this would give a low end exposure as follows:

Show Exposure Table

Film EV Conditions
25 10 Deep Shade; Sunset
50 9 Landscapes 10 minutes after sunset, Subjects in spotlights.
100 8 Bright night time city scenes. Interiors with bright florescent lights.
200 7 Brightly lit nighttime streets. Indoor sports. Stage shows.
400 6 Brightly lit home interiors at night. Fairs, amusement parks.

Vital Statistics

Type: 35mm Viewfinder Camera
Lens: 38mm f/2.8 Halinar
Filter-Thread: 46mm
Shutter speed: Possibly 1/30-1/250
Focus: 4 setting zone focus (1m, 1.5m, 3m, and ∞)
Exposure: CdS meter, ISO settings 25-400
Flash: Built in, Pop out
Power: 2 x AA; 1 x LR44 (AG 13)


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