This is a rather odd looking compact from about 1990. It has a 35-70mm zoom lens, and takes a 2CR5 battery pack. This is all the information I have so far found about it, from this flickr page.


  1. My parents had 2, 1 broke. And another I just took out from the cupboard. Replaced the battery, clean it and now good as new! Love the auto wind as I keep forgeting to wind the film on my Holga. Hahah anyone knows the apeture and shutter speed of this Chinon? Currently on my first roll of film on this.

  2. i purchased a 3501 auto in 1991 and took it to austrailia taking hundreds of top quality pictures.
    i know 35mm is old hat now but it has continued to serve me until recently when the mechanism has started to slip. if i recall this was quite an expensive camera in 1991. wish it was worth while having it repaired.

    1. The late 80s and Early 90s were great for these kind of compacts and the metering and autofocus from this period paved the way for the advanced cameras of today. It is insane how cheaply these advanced peices of kit (as they certainly were in their day) turn up for. I can’t remember where I picked this one up from, but it can’t have been more than a couple of quid.

      I will get it out soon and see what it can do when I have finished a few rolls I have loaded elsewhere – I am trying to make a rule to not have more than about 10 cameras with film in at once!

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