The best camera is the one you have with you. Unless it is a BlackBerry Curve… ¬†Interestingly this came up in conversation recently about how the BlackBerry, only a few years was an important and groundbreaking piece of technology – how things change.


The camera on the Curve 8520 leaves much to be desired, but it is a phone camera, and we all use them at times to capture something that interests us. Or play with silly apps.

It is fixed focus, with a resolution of 2MP, 1600×1200. I doubt it has any aperture variation either. It has a rudimentary white balance and colour/black and white/sepia effects.

You can shoot smaller images, and it has three picture qualities – superfine (which is about as crusty as they come), fine and normal – I hate to think what they would be like.

Like any phone, you can use some totally useless apps. Such as ghost camera which superimposes ghosts on your image, and is fun for a few minutes.

It is marginally better than the JamCam I had 12 years ago.


Vital Statistics

Type: Cellphone.
Lens: Fixed Focus.
Resolution: 2MP (1600×1200, 1024×768, 640×480); Superfine, Fine, Normal quality.
White Balance: Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, Night, Incandescent, Fluorescent.
Mode: Colour, Black and White, Sepia.
Storage: Micro SD; 32GB max.
Connection: Micro USB.


Review of the Curve 8520 Camera.
My sets on Flickr from the Curve 8520.

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