Saturated Imagery is a project by photographer Christian Bodden

Image of a man wearing a hat
My, by my son

I entered the world of serious photography around 2007, working in events and night clubs and, for my personal projects, landscape work exploring the relationship between humans and space.  Educated in the field of Sociology I completed an MA programme in Social Research in 2014 using photo-elicitation interviews to explore the realism (or lack thereof) of researcher produced photography in ethnographic research of an urban community.

Though I grew up before the days of digital photography, I was never serious about the practice in this time; then in 2010 I found a old Praktica TL-5B in a charity shop and exposed a cheap roll of film in it.  This fascination has remained and I have continued to work in this medium alongside my digital work exploring new techniques.  I combine film exposures and digital post-processing to create hybrid images.

During the intervening period I have amassed a collection of over 200 film cameras, ranging from simple plastic toys to serious film SLRs; from 120 year-old folding Brownies, to computer controlled monsters from the 1990s.

This website displays the results of these experiments.