Self Portrait: In the Fish-Eye – Canon EOS 1000D with Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

Saturated Imagery is Photography by Christian Bodden.

I am an accomplished photographer with over a decade of experience.

I work in event photography, shooting nightclubs and music events in a distinctive style utilising synchro flash and light trail effects.

Much of my personal work aims to explore the interactions between humans and their environment, and challenge the way in which reality is depicted. I have recently completed an MA in Social research exploring the links between Realism and visual research. I shoot a lot of material in urban settings exploring the idea of “parafunctional space” – space which is often outside of traditional surveillance and which does not do as it is told. Space which is mutable and used by humans in a manner different to that which it was designed for.

I also collect film cameras and equipment, and experiment with old and new techniques, especially combining analogue and digital methods. This, again, challenges the reality of the image which on first consideration ceases to depict reality, though there is always a reality behind.

This site explores that site of my work, along with a database of cameras and film I have used.

Christian Bodden. April 2017.